Digital transformation: What Dell EMC World taught us about the trend

Dell EMC World is one of the major IT conferences of the world—so it’s no surprise that it seems to have a pretty good handle on the concept of “digital transformation.” With so many companies defining themselves as tech companies first, with their products and services coming second, technology—specifically software-driven technology—is becoming more important than ever.

This year, 13,500 attendees from 122 countries came out to Las Vegas to see exactly what Dell had to offer in the way of both products and insight. Here are the most important news items that have resonated since the conference.

New gear for your data center product refresh

Since Dell purchased EMC (the biggest IT tech merger the world has seen), there have been a flurry of questions. How would the two work together? What kind of functionality would we see?

Michael Dell used his opening ceremony to answer those questions by showing how the integration of EMC and Dell technologies would create something even better, and by introducing the refreshed DCS line that will hit the market within the next few months. So far, those testing the refreshed line have been impressed with its reliability, durability, and manageability.

The entire line will be getting an upgrade, starting with the Gen 14 servers featuring the new Xenon processors from Intel. These servers feature the latest version of UI OpenManage Enterprise, making it simpler than ever to manage and maintain your server network. Even those who aren’t as tech-savvy could set up one of these on their own—meaning that implementing them in your environment could free up your IT staff for more forward-thinking tasks.

Hyperconvergence was the conference’s hot topic

Hyperconverged infrastructure was the star of the data management and storage conversation this year. As the industry continues to move toward software-defined ecosystems, the hardware becomes the backbone, rather than the meat, of the environment. It now exists to provide power for the main portions of the environment, which mostly come from software. You can then run the same environment on two or three racks, as opposed to seven or eight, making it cheaper and easier to implement.

To further this trend, Dell EMC is providing customers options for adopting this technology, from a simple fee-based structure (via cloud FLEX) to the standard buy-and-deploy model. Just like the new Gen 14 servers, VXRail will now run on the latest management suite 4.5, which condenses the management of several systems into one management window, making the entire system simpler and faster to deploy, run, manage, and maintain.

AR and VR are coming to a business near you

Augmented and virtual reality stepped into the spotlight as the gaming technology of the future, but they’ve made huge strides into other applications as well.

Dell has formed several strategic partnerships with AR/VR companies such as Daqri, which are developing software and code to bring new applications to the workplace. Dell isn’t directly involved with the development, but it’s providing the back end and infrastructure to run some of these amazing future products.

The applications include everything from architecture—using AR to view how piping and plumbing would integrate into a half-constructed building—to medicine, to Nike—where VR and AR can be used to design and test sneakers without ever leaving the lab.

A digital transformation

Throughout the conference, Dell continued to stress the idea of digital transformation as the shakeup that redefined IT from the team keeping the lights on to drivers of an organization’s growth. Each of these applications makes the base functions of IT significantly easier to handle—meaning you spend less time there, and more time building newer, better applications for your company.

It’s an encouraging development, but it also means that organizations need to evolve or perish. Companies are becoming technology companies first, providers of goods and services second—and Dell is ready to help you keep up with that transformation.

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